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Anyone a suggestion on how to convert a string to a number in TypeScript? 有人建议如何将字符串转换为TypeScript中的数字?

var aNumber : number = "1"; // --> Error

// Could this be done?
var defaultValue = 0;
var aNumber : number = "1".toInt32(defaultValue);

// Or ..
var defaultValue = 0;
var aNumber : number = StringToInt("1", defaultValue);

Update: I did some extra puzzling, the best sofar I’ve come up with: var aNumber : number = ( “1”) * 1; 更新:我做了一些额外的困惑,我想出的最好的音乐:var aNumber:number =(“1”)* 1;

checking if a string is numeric is answered here: In Typescript, How to check if a string is Numeric . 检查字符串是否为数字在此处回答: 在Typescript中,如何检查字符串是否为数字




You can use the parseInt or parseFloat functions, or simply use the unary + operator: 您可以使用parseIntparseFloat函数,或者只使用一元+运算符:

var x = "32";
var y = +x; // y: number


Expounding on what Ryan said, TypeScript embraces the JavaScript idioms in general. 在谈到Ryan所说的内容时,TypeScript总体上包含了JavaScript习惯用法。

var n = +"1"; // the unary + converts to number
var b = !!"2"; // the !! converts truthy to true, and falsy to false
var s = ""+3; // the ""+ converts to string via toString()

All the interesting in-depth details at JavaScript Type Conversion . JavaScript类型转换中所有有趣的深入细节。


The Typescript way to do this would be: Typescript的方法是:

Number('1234') // 1234
Number('9BX9') // NaN

as answered here: https://stackoverflow.com/a/23440948/2083492 在这里回答: https//stackoverflow.com/a/23440948/2083492


For our fellow Angular users: 对于我们的Angular用户:

Within a template , Number(x) and parseInt(x) throws an error, and +x has no effect. 模板中Number(x)parseInt(x)抛出错误, +x无效。 Valid casting will be x*1 or x/1 . 有效的强制转换为x*1x/1


在Typescript中有内置函数,如parseInt()parseFloat()Number() ,你可以使用它们。

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